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Quick brief about WARC:

Warc is the world’s leading source of business marketing and advertising case studies and is a service relied upon by over 125 top universities across the world.

With users in close to 100 countries, the service provides thousands of award-winning marketing and communications case studies, research papers, and conference reports. It also integrates content from more than 50 content partners (including 4As, IPA, APA, and Esomar).

The content is used by lecturers for proven business case studies and trends analysis for course materials. Students use it as an up-to-date source for marketing and communications research for writing papers and preparing for exams.

As marketing, communications and media textbooks are often out-of-date quickly due to new technologies (digital, online, social media, etc.), Universities subscribe to Warc to teach the latest trends in this field.

Subjects have very broad appeal including latest “hot topics” like brand strategy, sustainability, digital and social media. Warc also has an Indian Homepage highlighting latest trends and research from the region. Please also see Warc’s Recommended Case Studies and Trends.

Access Methods (online through warc.com)

For the Library
Please also note that IIM Vishakapatnam campus will have access to all proprietary Warc research including our publications like Admap, International Journal of Market Research, Journal of Advertising Research, and Market Leader.